Confused about the new healthcare law?

Confused about the new healthcare law and how it could impact you, your family or your small business? Enroll Michigan’s statewide network of Navigators are available to assist you or your small business, at no cost, in understanding your enrollment options. As the name suggests, Navigators assist consumers in “navigating” the website where consumers must go to access the tax credits that make purchasing private insurance more affordable. The typical consumer in Michigan will have an average of 43 different health plans to choose from on the new marketplace,

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In the News: CNBC Report on Tax Preparation

Here's something to ponder: All 50 states regulate hair dressers, but only four—California, Oregon, Maryland and New York—specifically regulate tax preparers. "The consequences of a bad tax return are much more serious than a bad haircut," said Chi Chi Wu, staff attorney at the National Consumer Law Center. How much do you know about the person you'll pay to do your tax return? Are you sure, really sure, they're qualified to do the job properly? Your tax return is probably the single most important financial document in your life.

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1 in 5 eligible taxpayers fail to claim the EITC.

According to the IRS, roughly 1 in 5 eligible taxpayers fail to claim the EITC. Some may not be aware they qualify while others may think because they do not owe taxes, there is no need to file. In Michigan, while there is not hard number on how many people fail to claim the EITC, it is estimated that more than 113,000 Michigan workers could be missing out on the EITC every year and forgoing between $90 million to $200 million in federal tax relief every year. This is tax relief that could help them put food on the table, clothes for their children or avoid utility shutoffs. Make sure you are not missing out on EITC and other valuable tax credits.

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Check out the NEW MEIC video

During the 2013 tax filing season, we went around to MEIC member sites to speak with volunteers, clients and site coordinators about free tax preparation efforts in Michigan. The video to the right is the end result. We would like to thank all of those who helped make this testimonial possible. Just click on the video to the right to see folks are saying about free tax preparation in Michigan.