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What is VITA?

Volunteer Income Tax Assistance, or VITA, is a program supported by the IRS that provides people who make roughly $54,000 or less with free assistance in preparing their own tax returns. The IRS VITA program is very similar it’s Tax Counseling for the Elder (or TCE) run by AARP. At a one of these free tax sites (VITA or TCE), IRS-certified volunteers provide free income tax return preparation to eligible individuals and families. VITA/TCE sites can inform taxpayers about special tax credits for which they may qualify such as the Earned Income Tax Credit, Child Tax Credit and Credit for the Elderly or the Disabled.

There are hundreds of VITA sites across Michigan where you can have your state, federal and city income taxes prepared and filed by a highly-trained IRS-certified volunteer preparer for free. There are income requirements to be eligible for this free service. If you qualify for the for the Earned Income Tax Credit, Medicaid, Food Stamps or any other assistance program, chances are you qualify for free tax help, too.

Check with your local VITA/TCE site to see if you are eligible to have your taxes prepared for free.

Want to be a VITA volunteer?

Volunteering is a great way to learn how to do taxes and help others. Check out this list of local VITA coalitions or contact the MEIC to find a volunteering opportunity near you.